Paypal is being tested at McDonalds

Paypal Mobile

Just recently Square has partnered up with Starbucks for a mobile payment platform. This caused other major food companies to rethink their payment options. For this reason, McDonalds has started testing 30 different stores in France with a new Paypal payment solution. If this payment system proves itself worthy, then McDonalds will pass it on to other stores in around 24 months. So whether you chose Paypal, or Square, new payment options will always pop up, so think twice before you pick.

Source: Reuters

Best Buy, Walmart, Target, 7-Eleven unite into one mobile payment platform MCX


Mobile payment platforms are making their way into our phones. Companies see this as a big opportunity to make a lot of money, the only problem is, how to get consumers hocked up on their platform. The solution is to get a bunch of big retailers together and unit them into your mobile payment system. That’s easier said then done, as those retailers have decided to form their own mobile payment system and leave Google, Visa, and other humongous companies from taking a slice at the mobile payment platform.  Best Buy, Walmart, Target, 7-Eleven, Shell, Sears, CVS  and many more have named their united mobile payment system Merchant Customer Exchange. So it’s possible that in the near future you’ll be paying via your phone, everywhere and not where only Google Wallet is accepted.

Source: MCX, ABC

How do countries reward their gold medalists?

Olympic Gold Stats

After training for years, then qualifying for the Olympics, and winning gold, you’d expect to be financially secure for life. Well, not exactly, as the real rewards countries provide their gold medalists are exposed. For starters, Singapore, Azerbaijan, and the Philippines reward their athletes with around half a million US dollars. What does the US and Great Britain give their athletes? Well not so much, as the US only gives a gold medalist 25k, and Britain even worse, with the round number zero. However, if you’re an Australian athlete you’ll get a stamp with your picture on it and an upgrade to Business class on your flight home. Pathetic? Well, just look at the source to find out some more ridiculous facts.

Source: AnimalNY

Google, Paypal, Visa and US carriers form Mobile Payments Committee

The big corporations out there have decided to stop thinking about themselves (as a company) and got some IQ back in their brains, to put mobile payments for the masses as a priority. This is great news for us (consumers) as this means the wait for proper mobile payments for stores near us will be less. The committee which is made up of Google, Paypal, Visa, Isis, VeriFon, Wells Fargo, Capital One, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, and US carriers are here to win and are not just playing games. So, hopefully in the not so distance future I’ll be able to take out my phone and pay.

Source: Engadget

At $8.58 Million OUYA finishes with Kickstarter

Remember hearing about OUYA and its amazing Android powered console? Well now after fund-raising at Kickstarter it has finally had the chance to cash out that massive check, thanks to over 63,277 backers. If you want you can visit their site here  and pre-order one for $110 (includes one controller) and an additional $30 cost for extra controllers. This just proves how Kickstarter can fulfill your great idea with little investment.

Source: Joystiq

Starbucks accepting digital payments via Square


Starbucks has partnered up with square as a digital payment platform. This platform will let 7,000 US Starbucks store accept credit cards and digital payments via Square app. The application is available on both IOS and Android making it available to almost everyone. Other then being a great time saver for getting coffee, it will also give you some discounts from other stores.

Source: Engadget