Scientist develop a laser activated muscle, leads to a future with bio-robots

Scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), have grown their own muscle tissue. This major milestone didn’t stop their curiosity, so they decided to stimulate those muscle tissues with light. The result caused individual muscle tissues to contract. With a 20 millisecond laser, getting the job done, this opens a whole new world of possibilities, including bio-robots. Hopefully a couple of decades from now, I’ll have my own bio-robot to get my laundry done.

Source: MIT

NASA’s Mini Lab, will test for cancer and other diseases on Earth and in space

Do you sometimes question your doctor’s diagnosis of something he claims you have? Well soon you won’t have to, never mind if this problem occurs on Earth or Mars, because with NASA’s new invention, you can take your own mini lab, wherever your dare to imagine. This mini lab called INO Microflow will test patients for all types of diseases, including cancer and HIV. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to buy one yourself just yet. But at least you’ll know that it will be safe in space, as Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield will test it during a six-month ISS mission space mission.

Source: NASA

Electronic Doctor’s Glove helps diagnose breast cancer

Diagnosis has always been a problem. For patients, its been frustrating to have a wrong diagnosis, and for doctors its been hard to give an accurate diagnosis as there is such a range of diseases. This problem may be solved with a new Glove Tricoder that lets doctors, as well as patients, form an accurate diagnosis on a range of diseases such as breast cancer and sub-dermal issues. The glove which has a bunch of on-board sensors that helps make the diagnosis and as well instruct the operator on how to perform it. Thanks to Med Sensation and the Singularity University, in the near future you may not need to go to the doctors office with an embarrassing examination.

Source: TechCrunch