LG Chem develops flexible cable batteries, lets you use it as shoelaces

LG Flexible Cable Battery

Flexible batteries are nothing new, but shoelace batteries are. LG Chem has developed a battery that fits around a copper cable, providing you with flexibility and another way to tie your shoes. They have tested the batteries on a red LED screen (as you can see above), and on a fourth-generation iPod Shuffle. This is another step forward in bring you a flexible smartphone, not that you need one anyways.

Source: phys.org

Soon to be released rumored Apple earbuds sighted in Vietnam, redesigned completely

Apple's Redesigned Earbuds

Apple has been trying to redesign our future, as more and more competitors (Samsung) have been trying to surpass Apple’s designs. Possibly a potential problem, however it looks like that Apple has found a solution, to sue. This time around Apple is redesigning its earbuds with a better design that lets sound hit your ear canal more accurately, improving sound and background noise. Pictures of these new earbuds have popped up in Vietnam, with a printed text “Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in Vietnam”. Other rumors surrounding Apple’s September press conference have surfaced up. However, in a couple months you’ll probably see Samsung or some other company copying their new designs.

Via: MacRumors
Source: Tinhte.vn

Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity watch notifies iPhone owners, the James Bond way

Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity watch

Watches have been outdated by technology and turned into jewelry, as time is easily presented over our phones. However, this is going to all change as more and more companies are releasing Bluetooth watches that syncs with your smartphones. As a result, people have been afraid to showcase their inner geek, with these new watches. So Citizen has come up with, a Eco-Drive Proximity watch that secretly notifies you about updates from your phone via Bluetooth 4.0. With a James Bond style, it will secretly notify you of a missed call, with the second hand pointing to a word indicating a need for attention. The Eco-Drive Proximity watch will probably be priced at a $500 dollar range. Finally, I’m sorry to say that all you Android users out there won’t be able to get their hands on this, as the watch is only compatible with iPhone 4S and future generations.

Source: A Blog to Read

Smartype adds a screen to your keyboard so you can see and type, at the same time

For some people who weren’t born in the internet age, and still remember writing on paper, have finally found their ultimate keyboard. With Smartype, you won’t have to constantly go back and forth from your keyboard and screen to see what you typed. The whole idea behind the keyboard is to snap a mini screen on, that lets you see what your typing, while typing. Smartype is still only sold in Israel, but it will be released abroad shortly.

Source: CNBC

Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8 is unveiled, iPods out there protest

Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8

Samsung has decided to unveil a Galaxy Player 5.8 media player, which in other words, is an oversized Android iPod. The Galaxy Player 5.8 is named after its 5.8inch screen that is made up of a 960 x 540 LCD display. If you decide to ever open it up, you’ll find a 16GB or 32GB built-in storage, a VGA front camera, and a 2,500mAh battery to power the device. Android 4.0 will of course be the OS behind this new device, as Samsung has fallen in love with all things Android.

Source: Engadget

Kickstarter’s project Keylet, unites your wallet and keys as one


Don’t you hate losing your keys or your wallet? I sometimes think that I should strap a GPS tracker on them, for all those times I had to search for them. Another one of Kickstarter’s projects, has a solution for us. Why not combine them together? With Keylet you’ll only have to find either your keys or wallet before you leave the house. Just to note for those who don’t know where to put their credit cards and paper bills, you fit it in between the steel strap and the key holder. Finally, this project is already funded, so you will have the option of getting one yourself for $45 bucks. So get ready to grab that last bill from your wallet. Hit the source link below to purchase one.

Source: Kickstarter Keylet


Tigra bicycle add-on lets you charge your device, while pedaling


Bicycle USB Charger

The world is pushing us towards being more green, and energy friendly. With that all aside, this Bicycle add-on lets you be green while charging your smartphone on the go for a $100. You’ll be required to pedal of course at least 12 MPH, and in result you’ll be able to charge two device simultaneously from two USB ports. So the faster you pedal the faster your phone charges. Hows that for an incentive?

Source: BikeConsole, Gizmodo


Cowon’s X9 PMP: One Charge One Week (110 hours music playback)

Cowon's X9 PMP

Music playing devices are everywhere, from phones to tablets, computers to TVs. But, is there a device that its main job is to play music, not make phone calls, not run applications, but 100% music playback? Unfortunately not, however Cowon’s X9 PMP comes close to it, with 110 hours of music playback,  13 hours of video, and 600 hours of sleep. It will provide you with one charge for getting by a whole week, which is sounds pretty good. Finally, how much is your wallet going to cringe at the purchase, just $230 for 32GB of pure music freedom.

Source: Cowon

Synaptics ForcePad: Trackpads will be changed forever

Synaptics Forcepad

The world is constantly changing in every direction. So why not trackpads? Synaptics has reinvented the trackpad by letting you control your mouse by force. This will forever end the era where you have to constantly drag to get your mouse from point A to point B. The new trackpad, called Forcepad, also lets you control the computer with up to 5 fingers simultaneously. And if that’s not enough you can also zoom in and out by pinching or vice versa.

Source: Synaptics

Bluetooth bulb, lets you customize your lighting experience from your phone

Bluetooth Bulb

From time and time again, solutions for being able to last on your couch longer without getting up have been invented, and reinvented. This one lets you easily control your light bulb from any Bluetooth 4.0 device, from up to 50 meters away while conserving energy. You can also change the lighting color to any one of the RGB colors and dim it, of course. As well as, being a great idea, it’s an easy installation too. All you have to do is insert it to your electricity source like any regular light bulb and take out your smartphone. If you want to buy it, you’ll have to wait a bit as it’s only a prototype. Check out the source link below for a demo.

Source: Bluetooth Bulb