Nikon Coolpix S01 released for people that need something more then a phone camera

Nikon Coolpix S01

All these new phones are being released and reinvented over and over again. But what do most people want? A decent and quality camera on their phone…, up till now there wasn’t a great solution out there. However, with the new Nikon Coolpix S01, which was released today, has reinvented the way people take pictures. So instead of having a big chunky camera, or a horrible camera phone, you can have a┬áNikon Coolpix S01 which is fits easily and snugly in your pocket at 17 mm thick and 77 mm wide. Although smaller than your phone your able to take 10MP shots with 3x optical zoom. Plus you can also take HD video at 720p. So whether this is the camera for you or not, make sure to look ahead for others to follow.

Source: Cnet

Logitech TV Cam for Skype is available for pre-order today, talk to your friends on the big screen in HD

Do you just hate to have to push your family and friends to get a crack at the computer screen? Today, Logitech has provided us all with a great solution. You can connect the camera straight to your TV via HDMI cable and your set (assuming you have an internet connection). This device has a pre-installed Skype app, so there’s no need to hook it up to a Smart TV or a computer. For $200 just empty your wallet below at the source link and pre-order your own.

Source: Logitech