IBM promises faster flash memory, with new spintronic breakthrough


Whatever the technological breakthroughs are, there always good news. Including this one, which has improved flash memory speeds. Researchers at IBM have discovered a way to increase flash memory speeds by using a method called spintronic. This method basically operates at -233 Celsius and physically spins electrons.  Doing this is extremely complicated, so we better give a thanks to IBM which has moved us one step further technologically, again.

Source: Gizmodo

LaCie RuggedKey is Here! USB 3.0 with 16GB for $40, 32GB for $70

Have you ever thrown your keys to the ground? Stomped on them? Threw them again? And still wanted to download the file on your USB stick for work? Well, now you can. For $40 you can get your very own with an orange grenade case. Its been designed to be dropped 100 meters and still be able to transfer files at  150MB/Second.  If that’s still not good enough for you it’s also heat, cold, and water resistance with a AES 256-bit encryption, of course. Just check out the video above if you don’t believe it.

Source: LaCie