Hack Google Chrome, and win up to $60,000, Google teases us

Google Chrome

Have you ever thought that you could use your hacking skills and earn money legally? Well, now Google is hosting  Pwnium 2, a black hat conference that has over 2 million dollars in prizes. Google has decided, that rewarding people to find exploits in their web browser was so successful that now their doing it again. As this is a great business model, little investment is needed, and lots of rewards are gained by Google. So remember hacking is useful for criminals and law abiding citizens too.

Source: Google Blog

App.net (the new Twitter) has reached its goal with Kickstarter, at half a million dollars

App.net Kickstarter fundraising

Is App.net overcoming twitter? Could this the part like what happened when Facebook overtook Myspace? In my opinion the answer is yes, as the internet has decided to cast its vote in favor by giving App.net 500 grand of fundraising. The differences between Twitter and App.net are very slim and huge at the same time. App.net has offered the internet a paid service which provides you the ability to tweet with up to 256  characters (Twitter is only 140). However, the real game changer is that App.net focuses on its users and not advertisers (you heard me right, no ads!). To me personally I think the added cost is going to hurt users more than having an open idea, but prove me wrong App.net, lets see what your made of.

Source: TNW, Kickstarter

Blizzard.net hacked, don’t hesitate to change your password


Black hat (for personal gain) hackers are everywhere, a disease that never stops spreading, will eventually reach you. As Sony and others, have been constantly hacked at,  has only proved how insecure your information is on the web, even with big companies. So if you’re a World of Warcraft or Starcraft gamer, don’t hesitate to change your password, as Blizzard has stated that some account information has been illegally accessed and stolen. This does not include personal information, such as credit card numbers and address locations. If I were you I would immediately change my login information.

Source: Blizzard


Google even faster now, makes every second count with PageSpeed Service

From time and time again, humans have always preferred taking shortcuts, so Google has naturally assumed that we would want to, too. In result of that, Google has created a new browsing experience. It works by letting Google download a website’s webpages and then supplies it when somebody clicks on its search results. From now on, every site that signs up for PageSpeed Service will load on your screen about 2 seconds faster (statistically). This might not sound much but when you multiply that by a billion plus users, Google will probably be saving thousands of years of our time. Just remember that this is still in beta form but if you own your own website and DNS you can sign up here.

Source: Google Developers Blog

United Nations tries to control the Internet, US refuses

English: Emblem of the United Nations. Color i...

As the internet keeps on growing in and out in virtually everyplace on the planet, more and more countries are trying to get control of it to protect their interests. Lucky for us, the US is always there protecting us from SOPAs to PIPAs. Now Russia and other countries want the US to hand over ICANN and other non-profit internet organizations to the UN. That way it will become easier to censor the internet as they don’t have to ask the US but a bunch of countries that are some made up of anti-democratic nations. Let’s thank the United States for saving the day, again.

Source: Wired