Earthquake-proof bed can protect you from up to 65 tons of rubble

Everyone is afraid of earthquakes, as the originate everywhere in the world, you never know when they’ll hit you. Therefore, with the new Wood Luck bed you can sleep comfortably at your bedside knowing it can with hold up to 65 tons over your head. The bed which is manufactured by Shinko Industries in Japan, is made out of 30 to 40 year old cypress wood, which is known to be incredibly strong. Starting at $5,600 for lower end models, you can but your wallet and your life on the line.

Source: DiginfoTV

Panasonic appliances will be controlled by your phone

Panasonic Appliances App

Since the age of TV remote controllers, remote controlling has been reinvented again and again. Panasonic thinks that you need to control your Panasonic appliances (refrigerators, TVs, speakers, etc…)  via an app on your smartphone instead of using a basic remote controller. They do have a point about convince, however, what are you going to do if a virus hits your appliances? Will they ruin your milk and meat? Or just cause your new Panasonic refrigerator to overheat and blowup? Make sure to tell us if that happens, because it would make a great story…

Source: Panasonic (PR)Panasonic