Kickstarter’s project Keylet, unites your wallet and keys as one


Don’t you hate losing your keys or your wallet? I sometimes think that I should strap a GPS tracker on them, for all those times I had to search for them. Another one of Kickstarter’s projects, has a solution for us. Why not combine them together? With Keylet you’ll only have to find either your keys or wallet before you leave the house. Just to note for those who don’t know where to put their credit cards and paper bills, you fit it in between the steel strap and the key holder. Finally, this project is already funded, so you will have the option of getting one yourself for $45 bucks. So get ready to grab that last bill from your wallet. Hit the source link below to purchase one.

Source: Kickstarter Keylet


New plug-in voice controlled computer, Ubi appears on Kickstarter

The Ubiquitous Computer

I have to note that the people who decided to create this project liked our blog’s name so much, that they decided to call their new product “The Ubiquitous Computer”. This computer is able to operate the minute you plug it in your wall socket, without having to connect with anything else. With that in mind, you’re able to communicate to this “Wall PC” by talking. The whole idea behind this computer is to be able to access your computer without having to leave your laundry undone. In other words, this will let you do other stuff while emailing, Google searching, and all the other basic but important computer needs.

Source: Kickstarter (the new Twitter) has reached its goal with Kickstarter, at half a million dollars Kickstarter fundraising

Is overcoming twitter? Could this the part like what happened when Facebook overtook Myspace? In my opinion the answer is yes, as the internet has decided to cast its vote in favor by giving 500 grand of fundraising. The differences between Twitter and are very slim and huge at the same time. has offered the internet a paid service which provides you the ability to tweet with up to 256  characters (Twitter is only 140). However, the real game changer is that focuses on its users and not advertisers (you heard me right, no ads!). To me personally I think the added cost is going to hurt users more than having an open idea, but prove me wrong, lets see what your made of.

Source: TNW, Kickstarter

At $8.58 Million OUYA finishes with Kickstarter

Remember hearing about OUYA and its amazing Android powered console? Well now after fund-raising at Kickstarter it has finally had the chance to cash out that massive check, thanks to over 63,277 backers. If you want you can visit their site here  and pre-order one for $110 (includes one controller) and an additional $30 cost for extra controllers. This just proves how Kickstarter can fulfill your great idea with little investment.

Source: Joystiq