LG Chem develops flexible cable batteries, lets you use it as shoelaces

LG Flexible Cable Battery

Flexible batteries are nothing new, but shoelace batteries are. LG Chem has developed a battery that fits around a copper cable, providing you with flexibility and another way to tie your shoes. They have tested the batteries on a red LED screen (as you can see above), and on a fourth-generation iPod Shuffle. This is another step forward in bring you a flexible smartphone, not that you need one anyways.

Source: phys.org

EXOGEAR EXOVOLT Plus stackable battery pack, apparently the first of its kind

There are numerous battery ideas out there, but this one really stands out. As EXOGEAR claims “World’s First Stackable Battery Pack” might be the first to cause you to think if you need another one. This battery is priced at $90 for the main one and $50 for additional stacks. Each battery is made up of a 5,200mAh Lithium Polymer and contains a ports for 30-pin (Apple products), Micro-USB, and USB. Finally, on their website they also claim that it’s coming soon, so you’ll have to wait a bit if you decide to buy one.


Flexible Battery has promised us a future for flexible things

A flexible sold state battery has been born, so you can cross it off your list with things that need to be flexible.  With this in mind, at the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, they have decided to give the a world a gift, so we’ll be one step closer to those flexible gadgets. How will this effect you, you ask? Well, just for starters, imagine fitting a full ten inch tablet in your pocket, or folding your computer screen and taking it on the road. Even if those things sound really cool, we  are still at least a year away from finding these products at our local electronics store.

Source: TechCrunch