Voice signals sent to Mars and back, making a first in interplanetary communication


Communicating with aliens might seem far off in the future, but sending an audio signal from Mars and back is one step in the right direction. Interplanetary communication has made history, as the first human voice has traveled through space and received on another planet. We have to thank Curiosity (NASA’s rover on Mars), for being able to receive Charles Bolden’s human voice and send it back to us, as voicemail. Charles Bolden read a speech out loud to NASA’s employees and to Mars. If you want to hear his voice, hit the source link below. Finally, I would like to add that the picture above is a lower resolution image of the martian hills sent back from NASA’s Curiosity’s rover.

Source: NASA


Curiosity shows the world a panorama of the Gale Crater

Curiosity panorama


Sending a rover to Mars is pretty cool, but its not worth it if you can’t see what the robot sees. Therefore, NASA has extracted a panorama view of the Gale crater from Mars. This is one of the first colored panorama views Curiosity has sent back, which is made up of detailed Martian pictures. Click the source link below to experience Mars firsthand.

Source: 360Cities