iRobot Roomba 620, 630, 650 robot home cleaner released


irobot 600 series

Don’t you hate having to clean the floor? Keeping that in mind, bending down and sweating aren’t what most people call fun. So iRobot has made our lives one heck of a lot easier. As they just updated their new Roomba line and cut down prices, you can now try one out yourself by emptying your wallet at around $350 bucks. Furthermore, iRobot also gives you the chance to empty some $50 bucks more, for an unknown upgrade, as they didn’t care enough to list the difference on their site. However, if your wallet is begging you to empty some more dough then you can upgrade to $600 bucks instead for scheduling, touch, and other added features.

Source: iRobotEngadget 


Autonomous plane is developed at MIT

We’ve all heard of the Google autonomous car, and how cool it sounds reading while driving to work. But how about flying a plane without having to even get a licence? Well i’ll be honest with you, this might be at least a decade from now, but at least were heading in the right direction. Thanks to the folks at MIT, they have built a small UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle)  that can fly without someone controlling it on the ground. Hows that you ask? Well by snapping a small notebook processor and a laser will do the trick. This small UAV is capable of making small sharp turns in the flint of the second, while maintaining its course. Don’t believe me? Just check out the video above.

Source: Gigaom