200 million galaxies and 7 billion years of data form the largest 3D map of the universe

Sloan Digital Sky Survey has conduct a project spanning 12 years at New Mexico’s  Apache Point Observatory which has been finally completed. This data not only spans 200 million galaxies but uses 7 billion years of planetary activity to combine this gigantic 3D map.  Finally, this map only makes us feel even smaller on tiny planet Earth when you watch the  universe unfold in 1.5 minutes.

Source: The Atlantic


Mars Rover lands succesfully, first images show up

NASA has successfully landed the mars rover and has produced some first images. These images are only thumb pictures as it takes over 14 minutes to travel to earth. While they might be hard to make out, they actually show the surface of Mars in black and white. To check out up to date images, please click the source link below.

Source: NASA

Mars Rover landing tonight, Nasa decides to check up on those extraterrestrials

Soon the whole world will be witnessing a miraculous event. At 1:30 AM (EST) and 9:18 PM the rover will touch down on Mars while making history. You do not want to miss this. Even if it turns out that all the extraterrestrials have disappeared its still worth watching. You can watch the event live from the video above.

Source: NASA