Kickstarter’s project Keylet, unites your wallet and keys as one


Don’t you hate losing your keys or your wallet? I sometimes think that I should strap a GPS tracker on them, for all those times I had to search for them. Another one of Kickstarter’s projects, has a solution for us. Why not combine them together? With Keylet you’ll only have to find either your keys or wallet before you leave the house. Just to note for those who don’t know where to put their credit cards and paper bills, you fit it in between the steel strap and the key holder. Finally, this project is already funded, so you will have the option of getting one yourself for $45 bucks. So get ready to grab that last bill from your wallet. Hit the source link below to purchase one.

Source: Kickstarter Keylet


Best Buy, Walmart, Target, 7-Eleven unite into one mobile payment platform MCX


Mobile payment platforms are making their way into our phones. Companies see this as a big opportunity to make a lot of money, the only problem is, how to get consumers hocked up on their platform. The solution is to get a bunch of big retailers together and unit them into your mobile payment system. That’s easier said then done, as those retailers have decided to form their own mobile payment system and leave Google, Visa, and other humongous companies from taking a slice at the mobile payment platform.  Best Buy, Walmart, Target, 7-Eleven, Shell, Sears, CVS  and many more have named their united mobile payment system Merchant Customer Exchange. So it’s possible that in the near future you’ll be paying via your phone, everywhere and not where only Google Wallet is accepted.

Source: MCX, ABC